directory di‧rec‧to‧ry [daɪˈrektri, d-] noun directories PLURALFORM [countable]
1. a book or list of names, facts etc, usually arranged in alphabetical order:

• I couldn't find your number in the telephone directory.

• a new business directory

• the Classified Directory of Wisconsin Manufacturers

— see also ex-directory
2. COMPUTING part of a computer's memory where information is stored, containing one or more file S:

• I suggest you create a separate directory to keep these files in.

* * *

directory UK US /dɪˈrektəri/ noun [C] (plural directories)
COMMUNICATIONS, COMMERCE a book that gives a list of names, addresses, or other facts: »

Our idea was to create a local directory with information for new residents.

be included/listed in a directory »

Many local businesses are listed in the directory.


""Which MBA?"" is a directory of more than 100 leading business schools in 16 countries.


a business/trade directory


an internet/online directory


a phone directory

IT an area in a computer's memory where files or programs are stored: »

Organize files and directories so all information is grouped.


create/delete a directory

copy sth into a directory »

First, copy the files into a new directory.

See also CLASSIFIED DIRECTORY(Cf. ↑classified directory), EX-DIRECTORY(Cf. ↑ex-directory)

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